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Our users may use Transaction Data Entry (TDE) and save it first.

However, if they eventually do not need this entry, they cannot delete this entry and the data remains in P&L. It seems the only way is to approve the data and reverse the entry.
But in an organisation with proper segregation of data, the staff authorised to post an TDE may not be authorised to reverse this TDE entry.

If an TDE is posted or even just approved. Then it should not be deleted.
It should go through proper procedures of Creation --> Approval --> Reversal.

But for Saved transactions, it basically means that the transaction is not finalised, it could or may not be finalised depending on eventual circumstances.

It does not make sense when a Saved transaction has to be removed, and the only way is to approve it and get appropriate higher management to reverse it, citing a lack of deletion button on IMOS.

Would appreciate if Veson could consider adding a deletion button to TDE.

Suggested by: NEE HAN Upvoted: 27 Jul Comments: 0

Under consideration

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