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Debunkering in IMOS/VIP has long been a difficult task. The IMO2020 regulation has highlighted this as vessel owners now need a clean way to offload non-compliant fuel.

Currently the only option to debunker is to enter a negative quantity in the bunker lifting screen. However you cannot mark a bunker parcel as "do not burn" in the FIFO queue if the bunker parcel is to be debunkered down the road in future voyages. This means users need to back out of commenced voyages and artificially debunker at a suitable port before the debunkered parcel is burned.

Matters become worse if you happen to debunker at the same port you are also lifting bunkers at as the lifted figure in the port activities must reflect the net bunker qty lifted in the port, this causes issue with veslink forms.

Users would like functionality to mark bunkers as "Do Not Use" which would allow them to be debunkered on future voyages without being burned. Also it would be best if veslink forms worked with debunkering.

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Under consideration bunkers imo2020

Comments: 3

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