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On Vessel level, it should be possible to enter periods (with start and end date/time), where scrubbers on a given vessel are not working. This could have impact on

- Voyage estimates being created/updated during those periods, since “H” fuel types might not be applicable for being used.
- Vessel being on off-hire or actual earnings (in a pool, depending on agreements), which may result in deductions on payments/invoices
- Performance or other claims towards owners
- Time Charter: This functionality should be considered together with the IMO 2020 phase 2 priority "Scrubber Fees on TC", where non-functional scrubber periods would have impact on deductions from payments/invoices.

We tried using the off-hire (“Delays”) module, but it does not work sufficiently, and it might even blur the purpose.

Suggested by: Norden BA Upvoted: 15 May Comments: 0

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