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In VIP lists, when there are more than 10,000 results, we are asked to apply filters marked with the orange triangle to reduce the number of results returned; other filters would only filter the preview and return incomplete results.

Many filters we need are not among those marked with the orange triangle. We would like to:

a) Either increase the size of results that can be displayed (> 10,000), or
b) Allow more filters to filter the entire database to reduce the number of results, rather than just filter the preview.

Referring to option b), some filters we would like to see are as below:
- Voyage Invoice List – filters: Voyage Status, Invoice type, last disch dep date, counterparty, counterparty type
- Transaction Summary – filters: Company, Company Code, Invoice Type, Pmt Status
- Payables Summary – filters: Company Code
- Create TC Invoices List – filters: Counterparty, Invoice Type

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Under consideration UI/UX

Comments: 1

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