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On cargo list, fixture list and estimate list we perform clean up by deleting unwanted entries. It is a trainees task and it is rather slow and heavy as we have to open each fixture and cargo to delete it.
On estimate list we simply want to clean up a bit to keep the list loading as quick as possible. Something like everything older than 2 years not associated with a voyage.

On many lists in Imos you have the option to check all lines and perform a function for all the checked lines. A delete function for this should be added. You could use the various filters to filter out the lines you want deleted and delete them all at once rather than having to access each one. Delete function of course to be controlled by security setup.
This would allow for a swift clean up and maintenance of data.

Suggested by: Lasse Hoei Upvoted: 11 Nov Comments: 2

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Comments: 2

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