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The Rebills section in the P&L (under Expenses) is currently hidden whenever the sum of all line items = 0. I need the Rebills section to be displayed even if the sum of all line items equal zero, because they use the line items to ensure all invoices/payments have been processed.

We use rebills substantially in our voyages, and we use the P&L’s Rebills section as an overview to all rebill items in each voyage (including normal rebillable expenses, port expenses, TCI reb exp etc.). Without the Rebills section, users would have to check through individual invoices to ensure they have been billed/paid/etc (for rebills that are not managed through Voyage Expenses Rebills Management).

If the P&L’s Rebills section would show all line items, users would have more visibility and be able to better monitor voyage invoices and P&L.

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