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Shipping accounts for around 3 percent of global Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. As an industry we must start acting now to reduce emissions for two reasons; firstly, because regulation is coming and secondly because it is the necessary thing to do for the planet.

One of the initial steps we can all do as shipping executives is to calculate and report the emissions of each voyage.

There is a universally agreed formula for calculating shipping carbon emissions based on fuel consumption. IMOS is a perfect platform to measure this because it already calculates estimate and actual fuel consumption per voyage.

My suggestion is to introduce a new function in the voyage calculator that shows the amount of carbon emitted per voyage. This information can be then used to help global reporting of shipping emissions and for those who want to incorporate this figure in Charter Parties or internal reporting systems

This is a small step to implement but a big leap so save our planet.

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Done chartering

Comments: 5

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