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The stylesheets are lacking flexibility today in setup. Though these stylesheets are the shopfront of our company towards Owners and Charterers, so the lay-out should reflect professionality. Next to design it is important that the stylesheets generate documents that are well structured, easy to understand and give no oppportunity to misinterpretation.

Working on the stylesheets it is clear that we miss flexibility and features to cater for above requirements. Some examples of requirements:
○ Provision of contactdetails: possibility to provide here a selection of initials assigned to the voyage (eg operator - FD Manager - Ops coordinator 2 - …)
○ Group the line items logically, eg:
§ all hire items together
§ Group all lines related to an off-hire event together
§ Group the Hire Items for overlapping periods together
○ Order the line items logically within the grouping: eg. Chronologically
○ Have for each line the possibility to adapt the coding and wording.

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