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Make the estimation and fixing for commenced voyages easier. (= feature In progress voyage)
The in progress voyage tool allows estimations to be made when a voyage is already started and loads in the actual data from the voyage.

As a restriction the estimate does not allow to import/change certain port functions (Y, L, D & Z) and future port calls that are imported from the voyage.

This feature request proposes to increase the flexibility of the in progress voyage functionality, the idea is that the estimate should be kept as flexible as possible.

Some requirements:
○ Allow future port calls to be changed or new future port calls added in any sequence;
○ Match off future port calls in the estimate and voyage;
○ Allow port functions to be imported into the estimate (L, D, Y, Z);
○ Allow cargo to be put on the load/disport;
○ Allow port dates and speed to be changed.

Suggested by: Vincent Van de Walle Upvoted: 17 Jun Comments: 0

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