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This regards the auto-forward emails which IMOS msg scheduled task sends to users when emailing Report Designer reports. We would like to suggest the following:

1. Make subject line of the email configurable- Configure the Subject line of the email. The Subject line should Not always bear the title of the Report being distributed.

2. Make body of the email configurable- Configure the email body to have whatever content you choose. Current, the body will always be the one of the one of the report (embedded as HTML) if we have the Argument set as --emailAttach=False.

3. Send two reports together as part of one email- Send two Reports in one email. We shall have two (or more) reports sent out as one Scheduled.

4. Be able to send private reports to a distribution list. Currently the reports needs to be 'Public' in order to be distributed.

Suggested by: Chris Kalamaras Upvoted: 27 Jul Comments: 2

Under consideration email reporting

Comments: 2

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